OEE Monitoring Software

Improving Visibility into Manufacturing Operations!

Imagine a manufacturing enterprise where the information needed to make confident decisions, is accurate, and easily accessible. Shoplogix believes that information is the first step in achieving a competitive advantage, and we will help you acquire and use real-time accurate and actionable information that can help drive your decision making.

Shoplogix helps manufactures uncover their hidden potential through Machine Truth Information, Operator Engagement and by providing Visibility into every level of an organization.

We believe that increased throughput is the most profitable way to increase production in any facility; however this is difficult to achieve without being able to see into the manufacturing ‘Black Box.’ With the real-time visibility that you gain through the Shoplogix Plantnode® Performance Suite, it becomes possible to improve the throughput of any or all lines in your plant.

Plantnode® is the market’s only integrated technology solution, combining an embedded technology with the strength of manufacturing software analytics. The Plantnode® Solution is designed to enable our manufacturers to achieve strategic goals of reduced operating costs, increased revenues and improved margins. Visit our Products page to see how the Plantnode® Solution can work for your enterprise.

Shoplogix believes in helping manufacturers improve resources and increase profitability, while supporting their competitive advantage.